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Century Auto Air Conditioning Specialists of Tuscon Arizona, AC Parts Services and Hoses, compressor leaks fixed, A/C refrigerant recharged, Air conditioning leaks fixed, 134A retrofit, R12, R-12 upgrades


We specialize in all types of A/C service and repair for cars and light trucks. We do everything from basic recharges and diagnostics to complete system replacements and repair. We also repair heaters and replace heater cores.

A/C hoses - Bring in your worn leaky hoses and let us save you $. We can custom fabricate and rebuild an A/C hose or assembly with OEM quality materials.

Tubes N Hoses - We also fabricate and rebuild other types of hoses including, power steering, brake, oil cooler hoses and more. Take a look at our Automotive Hose Solutions website:
Auto Hose Solutions

Compressor Repair - Quite often a perfectly functioning low mileage compressor fails due to leaks. We can disassemble and reseal most units for 1/3 the replacement cost.

During our off season we install and upgrade systems.
We can turn your original antique system into a modern, dependable and COLD System.

For customers building their own system, we stock Sanden rotary style compressors - High Efficiency Condensors - Underdash Units - Hoses - Filter/Driers - A/C Supplies and more.


1. Why go to a specialist?
An A/C Specialist can save you time and money by diagnosing and repairing your vehicle right the first time. Since we concentrate on one system, we are able to purchase specialized equipment and training that is not cost effective for the general shop. We see many pattern failures with different vehicles and get very good at zeroing in on problems fast. We have also learned to repair components that others replace. Everything from compressors to electronic circuit boards.

2. Can you fix my car while I wait?
We prefer to have you drop off your car with us in the morning. We take on only as many car as we can complete in one day. It often takes awhile to find leaks and other problems. By allowing us the time to diagnose your vehicle properly we can get your vehicle repaired properly the first time. We will call you with a detailed estimate. If you approve, we start the repairs right away.

3. How do you find A/C refrigerant leaks?
Two methods are commonly used. Dye and electronic. Dye is most popular but can take several days to appear. Many components are not visable so, the dye can often not be seen. Often shops charge for refrigerant and Dye and tell you to come back in a few days. This works but costs you time and more money for refrigerant.
We use electronic detectors to quickly pinpoint leaks and minimize the loss of refrigerant.

4. My compressor failed. I was told I need to replace other parts as well.
A compressor that has a mechanical failure often spreads debris (metal shavings, Teflon seal material, and sludge) throughout the system. If this debris is not properly removed it will wash through the system and damage the new compressor. At the least, the filter/drier or accumulator and the expansion device need to be replaced. The remainder of the system is chemically flushed. In extreme cases the condenser and hose assemblies must be replaced. This job requires a skilled technician. Since we specialized in a/c we feel out experience in compressor replacements will save you money. We will accurately determine which components need replacement and install only the best parts available to provide a lasting repair.

5. My compressor leaks - must it be replaced?
Not always. If a compressor w/low miles leaks, quite often it can be repaired. We stock seals and gaskets for most units. Repair cost is about 1/3 the cost of replacement

6. Why are auto parts cheaper online and at my local discount auto parts store?
This is a case for buyers beware. There are many levels of quality available with auto parts. Just because a component is new does not mean that it is the same as an original equipment part. The market flooded with inferior imported parts that have very high failure rates. The parts often look exactly like the real thing. We research our vendors carefully and refuse to install inferior parts. Because of our buying power and research we can still offer quality parts at a reasonable price.

7. I got an estimate from another shop. Can you give me a quote? Can you beat theirs?
Sure... but lets talk about this. First of all, we find 50% of all estimates we see are either not accurate due to misdiagnosis of the problem or are based on incomplete information or low quality parts. That's why we want to inspect your vehicles ourselves and quote you only for services you need. Often, there are multiple repair options you can choose. We have found that on an "apples to apples" price comparison we are rarely undersold.

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